the eradication of poverty and the Environmental Protection
  Organisation RESH
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Origin of the organization RESH


                      As part of the struggle for environmental, dated November 18, 2004, the organization is called   : « Organisation pour la Rénovation Environnante du Sud d’Haïti (RESH) » formed in Jonc Levy, Camp-perrin.


                Organization RESH in action

                 It is a non-profit organization, development aid that challenges a new future of hope, rebirth and inspiration of human values, sovereignty, moral and social consciousness of citizenship, the sole responsibility of Haiti, good governance, upgrading human capital, creating a different environment, a concrete aspect of environmental sanitation, provision for the efficient protection of the environment, respect for human rights, progress , dignity, love, meaning fair and public good research for the development of a harmonious environment within and Haitian prosperous .


  Organisation RESH  and  BID ( program PFTAC, Camp-perrin)


                  The essential purpose of the organization "RESH " is working to reduce poverty and promote environmental philosophy as a social organization, moral, educational, spiritual, economic, cultural and health. 



Organisation « RESH »

4, Jonc Lévy, Camp-perrin, Cayes, Haïti (W.I)

P. Box : 195
Tel: ( 509) 3438-5459 / 3722-2221/ 3734-9769 ( Haiti )

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