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  Millenium Development Goals (MDGs)

 ALKER ST ELOI / Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Message

By failing to achieve their own Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Governments 
are not only leaving young people in poverty but are also jeopardizing the future of their 
own countries. Still, as the annexes to this statement clearly demonstrate, we recognize 
that we have an essential role and responsibility in making the MDGs a reality and we 
stay committed to strengthening global cooperation  and investing what is needed in 
order to eradicate poverty – both before and after 2015. 

In return, we expect recognition of the need to invest in youth to achieve development, 
and of the crucial role of youth-led organizations and non-formal education in our joint 
efforts to ensure Human Rights and social and sustainable development. Therefore: 
Convinced that investment in youth leads to development in every single country of the 
world, we have assessed and consulted the needs of  young people from various 

Conscious of the particular needs of young people in general, as well as of the diversities 
of young people, we have aimed at meaningfully involving marginalised and socially 
excluded young people.

Billions of people are looking to the international  community to realize the great vision embodied in the Millennium Declaration.  Let us keep that promise.


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Copyright © 2012 Organisation RESH ! All rights reserved
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