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  Master Plan (2009-2030)

Master Plan of the organization « RESH » ( 2009 – 2030 )


                                          Since 2004, the organization "RESH" development has gained renewed importance and growing based on still firmer commitment of companies and governments in favor of an ethical nature of universal eradication Poverty and Environmental Protection.

The same, following summits organized by the United Nations during the last decade, the assimilation of international cooperation in development assistance has gradually given way to individual and collective right to development, which includes, besides civil and political rights, economic, social and cultural. Moreover, it defends the need to ensure so-called global public goods, such as peace, freedom or quality of the environment.

The organization « RESH » in its commitment to sustainable human development must be assessed in terms of economic and technical inputs to obtain a meaningful impact on reducing poverty. The definition of minimum targets and achieving them, thinking about the amount and funding mechanisms, and consistency with other public policies that impact on development - such as trade policy, constitute the heart of current debate within the Haitian community and internationally. All these factors fits perfectly with the reflection on the Millennium Declaration and its review after ten (10) who completed the sessions of the General Assembly of the United Nations for the year 2008. 


On the national and international social policy development is for the organization « RESH » is an essential element of its internal and external action. Its primary purpose, protecting the environment, means to fight against poverty not only as the need to end the absence of minimum income but also as the need to develop the rights, opportunities and capabilities disadvantaged populations of the planet. The purpose of this policy and the vulnerability of its recipients call for a politics of civil society based on broad consensus. 

Indeed, I am honored and pleased to present the Master Plan Organization « RESH »  2009-2030 and I believe it is a major step towards a political society Civil human development. The Administrative Council of the Organization "RESH" The ideas in the Haitian community and local government is drawing up the plan that collects countless contributions from various social, economic and academic. 

The Administrative Council (AC) and the complementarity of the idea of national and international actors, the Master Plan 2009-2030 also put greater policy coherence, improved management of CA / RESH. The axes define the new organizational policy development. On the one hand, a policy consistent bilateral instruments that aligns the organization and incorporates the value of the rich diversity of the Organization "RESH. The Millennium Declaration and other agreements from United Nations summits ratified by Haiti are the main references of the Master Plan. Its sectoral priorities resume fully the objectives and goals of the Millennium, with special attention to increasing human capabilities and coverage of basic social, employment of women and increasing productive opportunities. 


All operations of the Organization "RESH" must be guided and help fight against poverty, promotion and defense of human rights, preservation of the environment, gender equality and respect for cultural diversity, promote and guarantee the exercise of rights, not only civil and political but also social, economic and cultural, on the one hand, and the other, the deepening of relations between culture and development are two of the most important new Plan. 

Therefore, improvement of the quality management of development assistance requires that it be less tied and that policies are more consistent. It also requires harmonization between donors and alignment with the policies of finance companies. This facilitates the latter's involvement and ownership of development processes. On a more technical - that details the plan - it should strengthen the planning, forecasting and measuring the impact of development assistance through planning by objectives and results, and we must implement a participatory assessment that takes into account past experiences.

Regarding the quantitative aspect, the Master Plan reinforces the commitment of the organization to achieve official development assistance by 90% of funding found in the budget for programs and projects in execution. On the other hand, the commitment to social sectors poorest includes the obligation to earmark at least 90% of CA / RESH bilateral coverage of basic social services at the same time reinforcing the commitment to Haitian society and international partners. In order to achieve greater impact, it will tend to concentrate 70% of resources for disadvantaged people.  


By sector, the Plan ensures the allocation of at least 40% of CA / RESH to Haitian society and significantly strengthens the commitment of international partners worldwide.

In expressing my confidence that the Masterplan and the annual plans of the organization and strategy papers and sectoral geographic, will be gradually developed, identify priorities and methods of management and evaluation. They provide a framework fruitful and common to all governments and social actors involved in the organization's development. 

To all members of the organization, I wish to reiterate my thanks for their cooperation and to encourage them to persevere in dialogue in the construction of a policy which, because of the nobility of its purpose and the justice of its objectives is in our organization deeply rooted in the citizenry. We present results which indicate that this effort of solidarity used every day to improve the living conditions of the poor. This is a major challenge for all players in the organization "RESH.



CEO of the Organization “RESH”







Edition: July 2009

Administrative Council (CA/RESH)

Organization « RESH »


 Legal deposit: Master Plan 2009 – 2030 / Organization “RESH” -01-2009/CA/RESH


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