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Policy development of the Organisation "RESH"


                     Besides the responsibilities assumed facing his company, the Organization "RESH" also has a collective responsibility to uphold and defend the peace, dignity and fairness at the national and global. Reducing poverty is an ethical duty to the citizens of Haiti and the world more prosperous and it is a political obligation for all associations and NGOs for the non-profit society Haitian. Thus, the organization "RESH" affirms the need to adopt by consensus a political social organization community and national development.

The need for this policy to see, not only with the interests of the Haitian society in development, but also with those that we all share. The fact is that economic globalization increases poverty and exclusion and is currently generating levels of inequality, and social sustainability of globalization that requires the incorporation of elements of solidarity through actions Redistributions Revenue and recognizing the existence of property or interests of global public, such as peace, security, gender equality, environmental sustainability and economic stability.
The Law of Organization "RESH" and the report of the Millennium Declaration, as policy objective of the national and international development, poverty eradication and environmental protection. 


In this Plan of the organization "RESH" 2009 - 2030 we mean by poverty situation of lack of opportunities, capacities and options to maintain a dignified standard of living. Some of these opportunities and options is determined by the level of disposable incomes, insofar as they affect access to goods and services needed to sustain a tolerable living standard. But all the features defining poverty is not exhausted in this material aspects. As World Bank reports, "along with the lack of opportunities and capacities, high vulnerability and lack of allocation of purchasing power or representation define the dimensions of poverty."


This view of poverty is also the origin of the concept of sustainable human development, encouraged by the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP), understood as a process of expansion opportunities and therefore capacity and freedoms of persons, which obliges us to direct our attention to various factors affecting the process of social change. This concept of human development, understood as a right of individuals and collectives, has implications for national cooperation, identifying its priority as what we call the allocation of power by individuals and institutions, an issue associated with the expansion of knowledge, freedom and participation and, of course, to the satisfaction of material needs and social needs.

Objectives Strategic and criteria for intervention 

            Following ARTICLE 25-1 of the charter of the organization "RESH" Development and in agreement with the size of Multidimensional Poverty, environmental protection and sustainable human development and as a right, to be adopted by Master Plan, the development policy of the organization "RESH aims to increase the capacity and the security conditions necessary in order to achieve decent living standards for the present generation and future generations. Will be considered as strategic objectives for the organization "RESH", which framed the preferential sectors, as follows:



- Increase institutional capacity and social

- Increase human capacity

- Increased economic capabilities

- Increase capacity to improve environmental sustainability

- Increase of liberty and cultural capacities

- Increase the autonomy of women

- Increased capacity for conflict prevention and peace building



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Copyright © 2012 Organisation RESH ! All rights reserved
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